Instruction for the students

  1. School timing will usually be from 8.00 am – 2.20 pm. Students will not be permitted to enter the campus after 8.15 am.
  2. It is obligatory that pupils should speak only English both in the class room and in the school premises.
  3. Pupils should be punctual to the assembly and to the classes. When students happen to move to the assembly or to the other classes or play-ground or laboratory, they should proceed quietly in a line.
  4. Class rooms and school premises should be kept clean.
  5. Pupils should take the utmost care of the school property. Any damage done to the school property, furniture, laboratory equipment’s, Library books, sports goods etc should be duly compensated.
  6. Pupils should make it a habit to greet the Chairman, Manager, the Principal, the Staff, the administrative personnel as well as fellow pupils when they meet them for the first time during the day and leave them at the end of the day.
  7. Decent behaviour, both inside and outside the school, is expected from all pupils. They are forbidden to settle scores among themselves. They should report the matter to the class teacher and the Principal in case of any dispute.
  8. Criteria for promotion will be framed by Principal in accordance with the department rules in force. Pupil’s performance in tests, examinations, home work, other assignments, Practical record book etc, and the character and conduct are taken in to consideration.
  9. Refinement of manners, habits of obedience and order, neatness in person and dress and punctuality are required of the pupils.
  10. During working hours, order and silence are to be kept while around the premises. Running, playing or shouting inside the building are not allowed.
  11. The pants should be stitched in executive style with high waist. The shirt should be property inserted all the time. Low waist, pencil fit and Baloon fit pants are strictly forbidden in the school and on the school campus.
  12. The students shall be in the school premises at least five minutes before the first bell. Students may be sent home in the absence of any explanation from their parents or Guardians for being late.
  13. If no teacher has arrived at the start of the class, the leader should see to the order and discipline in the class. If after three minutes the teacher has not arrived, she / he should inform the principal.
  14. Those who reach the school early are expected to be in their seats learning their lessons, running; playing or shouting in the class room or verandah even during intervals is prohibited.
  15. Students are not allowed to enter any other classroom without permission.
  16. Neatness in writing, Personal and general cleanliness and courtesy of speech are emphasized. Therefore spilling of ink, littering, scribbling on school desks, stealing or damaging other students belonging will be severely dealt with.
  17. The name, standard and section of the student should be clearly marked on her / his belongings.
  18. Students should behave in a refined manner wherever they go. They should always remember that they are being judge by their conduct. They should greet their teachers when they meet them.
  19. Students must bring the school diary to the class every day.
  20. All students when admitted must make themselves acquainted with the rules notified for their conduct while studying in this school. Ignorance of the rules will be no excuse. These expectations apply when students are on school grounds, are on school transport, or are at a school-sponsored activity/event. Each student has the right, to develop her / his abilities to the fullest; to be respected as an individual; and to have appropriate and effective means of expressing her/his opinion. Each student is expected to accept the responsibilities that are implied by those rights. To protect these rights, the school is committed to:
  21. The prevention of bullying & violence is must.
  22. The elimination of discrimination based on culture, race, gender, disability should be your practice.
  23. The acceptance of differences is must.
  24. All the students have to bring their books and copies strictly according to the time table. Do not send extra books or copies in the bag. Every student is expected to bring one rough copy (and old copy) everyday. All the copies and books should be neatly covered. Send diary everyday to school.
  25. Those who happen to come late or have been absent on the previous day must bring a written explanation or leave letter duly signed by their parents
  26. As the medium of instruction in the school is English, all are expected and urged to speak English.
  27. Any exchange of articles or money transactions between students is forbidden.
  28. No collection for celebration or any other purpose should be made without precious permission of the principal.
  29. Homework is to be completed on the day to day basis. Make a plan of the study and follow it regularly. Let your child complete his work himself.
  30. Send your child in neat and tidy uniform with hair neatly done and nails trimmed regularly. The following pattern of uniform is to be followed:


                        Yellow and red uniform with black shoes and yellow socks. (Pre-Primay)

                   Cream colour shirt and brown checked shorts/trousers, tunic, black shoes,

                    cream colour socks.

                       (Class I-VIII)

                      Wednesday and Saturday:

                      White shorts/pants with house colour T-shirt, white socks and white shoes.

                       Send one handkerchief every day.


                     *For any complaints regarding the school vehicle (rash driving/failure to pick 

                         your ward) please contact 09454057359/9454507356/9670599777