Our vision is to prepare a community of successful learners for active citizenship, successful career exploration and further education beyond graduation in a climate of respect to all and appreciation for diverse cultures.


Every student is inspired to learn and empowered to excel.


Goal 1- For students- Every student achieves academic excellence in an inspiring, engaging and supportive environment.

Goal 2- For Staff- Every staff member is engaged & supported.

Goal 3- Families & Community: Parents are engaged and supported as partners in education.

Goad 4- Organization: School is supported by world-class practices.

Our Guiding Principles:

We believe in………

Achieving excellence in all we do

Developing each student’s unique gifts.

Engaging students in relevant, experiential, and personalized learning.

Cultivating creative problem solving, critical thinking and innovation.

Promoting integrity, civility and global citizenship

Enriching learning by honouring our diversity

Fostering a culture of respect, trust, compassion and shared responsibility

Respect the nature and environment. Be friendly by and learn from nature.

Helping and removing barriers to succeed.